Both Sides Now

edited to add finished photos

 Amy over at Amy’s Creative Side is hosting the 4th Blogger’s Quilt Festival.   Thanks Amy for doing the hard work, for the rest of us to have fun!

The story on this quilt goes like this.  I wanted to make a quilt as a wedding gift for a dear cousin, I started inquiring about styles and colours for the new couples home.  No one could give me any clues, even the bridal registery didn’t help with stainless appliances and white dishes.

The black and white quilt ideas on the web are quite stunning, so I came up with this, knowing that the couple like modern stuff (I hoped). 

I took a stack of blocks to the wedding to show them, expaining that if they both didn’t absolutely love them, I would make something they would absolutely did love.

The Bride was inthralled with all of the different black and white prints, and the groom went thru the stack pulling out the colour strip, he didnt like, like, ummm, the hot pink and “the mustard yellow has got to go!” (it was ducky yellow my fav)

The Bride’s Side

I knew that with all of the interest in the pieced backs of quilts, and I have done one before, I had a plan.  To be safe I used the wedding colours, brown with a little black thrown in…

The Groom’s Side

The back ahem, the groom’s side is completely finished now and ready to go onto the long-arm quilter, and before the end of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is over  I hope to have it all quilted, and an updated photo.

P.S. the hot pink stripe got culled, but the yellow stayed.  and dear readers, lest you think the groom was being too picky, um, well, he did wait for 36 yrs for his bride.  And the bride, 32.  And we all were quite teary before the end of the ceremony for they are an exceptional special couple who waited a long time for this day.

Pretty Sweet Shorts

I sewed some sleep shorts for the DIL while on vacation. Earlier I had cut a pattern off  a pair of ready to wear shorts, using freezer paper (sorry not photo at this time)  The waist band is rolled down, so I put the contrasting fabric on the inside of the waistband. 

Waistband combination of elastic sewn to grograin ribbon, perfect combo of comfort ease and a little decoration.

Wedding at Sundial Bridge On Sacramento River

 Happy to sew again, suspenders and bow ties for the ring bearers. Isaac and Aidan.

and I made  the bag to contain the crush of the communion glass.  The groom, wanting to get a good break, really stomped on it and glass skooted everywhere. 

I used a heavier stretch polyester microfiber-like fabric, so I put the elastic half way in the back.  Seemed to work pretty good.  I expect the boys will get some use from these. 

 The boys carried fishing poles with faux rings at the end.  You can see Isaac intent on watching the fishing boat that was going up and down the river.  Just as the groom kissed the bride, the angler landed a big one.  Wish I had a pic of that! 

The bride asked me to make her veil, something very simple…some bridal tulle gathered and sewn to a very pretty silver wire comb.  Then I sewed some clear crystals on top of the gathers.  Wish i had a better photo.  No time.  I delivered the freshly made veil to her dressing room just in time.